For those of you around the world who celebrate this day, I want to extend a Happy Veterans Day or Armistice Day to you all.  On this day the “War to end all Wars” was over 100 years ago and the nightmare that was to become WWII hadn’t yet cast its shadow on the world.  Skip forward to today….and folks here in the US think of sales and shopping and a free day off work due to holiday observance, but it’s more than that.  Some folks around the world are on duty NOW….like the Marines in the picture above.  Some folks have lost loved ones and still use this day to remember those losses, like in the picture below: 

And some folks around the world will go to parades and ceremonies and such, remembering to “thank” a Veteran and then go on with life.

For my part, I would simply say “Never Forget”.   Not all Veterans want thanks, but they want their service remembered, no matter what they did.  Not all Veterans deployed or have even seen combat, but almost all have made more sacrifices than they probably remember.

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  1. Chad, in our home we’ll never forget.  My husband is a Vietnam era Army veteran who grew up in Lexington, MA, home of “the shot heard ’round the world” which was fired on the Lexington Battle Green and kicked off the War for American Independence AKA the Revolutionary War.  As you might imagine, Lexington is frequently the site of numerous patriotic remembrance events, re-enactments, etc.  Today on the 100th anniversary of the signing of the WWI armistice, a parade was held to honor those from Lexington who served, with special honor given to those who gave their lives in service.  My husband’s grandfather and 2 of his brothers all served in WWI and thankfully all returned home alive (imagine being the parents to 3 sons who all went to war!).  All living descendants of  WWI veterans from Lexington were invited to march in the parade in honor of their military ancestors.  There was a nice turnout and 4 members of my husband’s family were able to participate.  Since my husband is a Mayflower descendant, a member of his family has served in every war fought on American soil since the Plymouth Colony was established and on behalf of America on other continents, at least through Vietnam.  I too am honored to be descended from people who fought bravely and fiercely going back to the Revolutionary War and extending through every war America has been involved in through the present.  That sacrificial and honorable family history is one of the most humbling aspects of my life.  So whatever your branch of service may be…..Hooah….HooYah….Oohrah….and God Bless You and Keep You Safe and Strong!   

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