Ever seen a Great Dane on a couch or tried to move them if they fall in love with that space? Best thing to do is stop the habit quickly...or they'll start to own the space.

As I lay my head down on the soft leather, happy dreams began to play in my head.  I was so tired, I didn’t think this was a bad idea….

Quincy’s Wisdom for the Day:

“Even if you’re not sure you should be on the new couch…give it a try anyways, you may never get another chance”.

It had been a long day and my wish was just to test out the new couch and see how it felt.  My mommy knew I was there; but when the daddy creature came home….I was asked to leave the couch and never touch it again.  I’ll try again when he’s not around!

-From Son of a Sailor:  When we bought the boat we had two Forest Green Captain’s Chairs in this space.  They were really nice sitting on the dock, but they swiveled and would have been hard to deal with at sea.  My wish was to have a couch that could be a sea berth and fold out to become a double bed for guests.  Our salon table also makes into a berth, but we don’t have the perfect cushions for it yet.  Working with the same expert boat carpenter who re-did our daughters room and did all the woodwork around the new windlass, we took out the Captains Chairs and now we have a new couch.  It’s really comfy.  And…it’s a sea berth and a double when you fold it out.  So that wish has come true!

Sunday is the only day that Quincy posts her wisdom.  However, I try to post on Mon/Wed/Fri and sometimes Saturday.

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    1. It’s my pleasure. Welcome to my little blog/website and Quincy’s Sunday Wisdom. We’d love to have you stop by again and continue to comment and interact- Quincy might be wise but she’s not always smart. Great Danes are peculiar dogs who have hidden talents I think. You just gotta find the talents sometimes-

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