Although they have not posted in roughly a year, there’s a fairly interesting blog about an Australian couple who took at Hunter 460 across the Atlantic and spent several years cruising the med.   I’ve been looking for different references about folks cruising their Hunter 460’s as I do my research, but most of what you find online is about Mr. Mike Harker and his voyages on Hunter 460’s or about several other bloggers I’ve written other stories on.  I was looking for folks who have cruised the same boat with the some of the same stuff onboard, to find out about real time quality and sailing ability.  So,,,the latest website/blog I’ve found is: Hunter460.Blogspot, at this link.  Not sure if the folks are still out cruising as I have not read all the articles yet, but the last one written was in 2016, then nothing.  I’ve started to notice this seems to be common with some blogs from cruisers and boaters who decide to move back to land,,,,thus not writing about their travels anymore.  I’ve got to read their whole blog and stories to find out what I can about the boat and how it did on it’s two Atlantic crossings,,,,but I’ve seen nothing catastrophic yet, so that’s great news.

Hope you’re all doing well.  Here in the United States, this week starts to lead up to the 4th of July holiday, one of the largest holidays celebrated in the US.  We’ll be on the boat and I’ll be sure to blog for the first time from the boat,,,,as the new Marina has Wi-Fi, which I’m pretty stoked about.  Ok, enough of my diatribe, have a great week.

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