A chance to go onboard a great piece of classic plastic and poke around....LOVE IT!

Part of the fun of a boatyard is getting to see lots of different boats, really up close and personally.  So when my friend (and broker) called and asked if I wanted to come check out a composting head on a really unique boat, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  I had seen composting heads before and am already sold on them, but the boat is a diamond in the rough and a unique piece of classic plastic.  The Cheoy Lee “Pedric” 36 was built in 1985 (perhaps only in 1985) in Taiwan, carries lots of water and fuel for her size and this particular boat comes with multiple surprise additions.  As soon as I went onboard, I could see she was a diamond in the rough, being brought back to life by my friend and broker, who’s determined to give the next owner the best boat possible.  With a composting head, barbecue, dinghy, outboard motor and watermaker; this boat will make a single sailor or cruising couple really happy when she finds her forever owner.

As you go through my pictures, please remember she’s in overhaul and improvement mode in the pictures with active work getting done while I photographed and snooped my way around the boat.  The boat is not in final sale shape yet but soon will be.

Cheoy Lee Pedric 36, looking aft
Looking forward
Galley. To Starboard of the ladder there’s a nice little quarter berth and great storage.
Looking forward from the Galley. The Master Suite is all the way forward (V). Notice the Rum bottle still has some Rum in it.

If you’re interested in info or want to buy this neat boat, I’m not the agent, broker or owner and have no financial interest in it.  I just like to tour unique boats.  Buuuuut, if you are genuinely interested in the boat, hit me up in comments and I can put you in touch with someone who can help you buy this boat!




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  1. My first learning of Cheoy boats is with SV Avocet. There’s is a Cheoy Lee 41 and they are also putting in some fantastic work to theirs. If you haven’t already, check them out (svadvocet.com); they are currently in Oxnard, CA. And regarding that bottle of rum; I see the invite with the cups to have a sip. Just say’n 😉

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