Quincy’s Wisdom for this Sunday, told in story format: “As a Great Dane, I know there’s ways to get attention quickly.  So the other night when they talked in the cockpit, I decided to make myself comfy.  This got Mom’s attention REAL quick when she came back in the dark and sat on the bed, only to find something moving.  Needless to say, I got their attention.  I also pretended to be sorry, but their bed was really, really comfy”.

Might be funny and cute to have a Great Dane on your bed the first time, but after they take over, YOU have to find a place to sleep. No Great Danes allowed on our bed (and she knows it). 


A Happy Ramadan and Cinco de Mayo to anyone reading who celebrates these holy days and holidays.  Me and Michelle have been in the Middle East and Mexico during these holy days and holidays and experienced those cultural ties.

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  1. Haha. It’s not just Great Danes that take over your bed and leave you no place to sleep! Ask any dog owner… my 30pound guy does the same thing!

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