On Saturday I wrote about our trip to Catalina Island from San Diego but was remiss in not mentioning that we had crew on board; and they’re great friends and a fellow blogger.  Brian and Christina were our neighbors for a few years while they listened to all our wild sailboat dreams; till they decided to sell their own house and buy a sailboat on the east coast.  He had been talking about doing it…then they actually bought the boat and sold their house.  Then last year these guys decided to come experience bare boating and shared a 45′ bare boat catamaran with us, the kids and another couple in the BVI for 7 days of sailing; all of us getting our catamaran experience checked off.  Since they’ve since moved back to Southern California and we’ve moved onto the boat I knew Brian and Christina might jump at the chance to come visit Catalina with us….the slow way.

Here’s my original post from Saturday: San Diego to Catalina Island by Sailboat (And Back)

Brian’s got his own blog about his boat and boating life you can check out and perhaps follow if you choose at brianb29.com.


A few weeks ago I received an unexpected but pleasant message from the sailing vessel Tulum V, berthed in Sand Diego Ca. My good friends of the Live Free to Sail Fast crew were making preparations for an offshore passage to Catalina island to celebrate Memorial Day at Cat harbour. There were a couple […]

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