Working toward November, one small step at a time-

We’re making baby steps toward leaving in November….one thing at time but at least three projects going at any one time; if that makes any sense.  Last week we knocked a couple things off the list as we were between “Camp Grandma’s”.  We were able to get the kids their new passports (both parents have to be there/you must have a passport with more time on it than 6 months before you leave the country), we did our last Minney’s run (coming home with several great finds) and we officially emptied out and gave up our storage shed!  This last one was huge, as it means we’ve cast off the safety net of being able to throw the junk in the shed and not worry about it.  Ever figured out how much junk can go into your car before you reach a breaking point?  See my wife’s Jeep right about now-

As I said above, I’m in the middle of three different projects with mando mid-July completion dates (before we have boatloads of family and friends here for my wife’s retirement).  I’m currently knocking out the varnishing projects (inside and out), working on making my own dinghy chaps (despite getting several polite suggestions that others could help make them for a fee) and working on getting the stainless project done that will hold our new antennas and wind generator off the stern davits.  This is one of the last major expenses we have besides the new liferaft.  

So, no kids column today as the kids are at Camp Grandma but Quincy will be back Sunday with more advice and wisdom.  Till then, keep reading! 

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