Sometimes I need to slow down and breathe, savoring the moments in life happening around me. Last couple of posts I’ve alluded to how much July would throw at us…..and it has. I’m drinking it up. And, my lack of writing means I’ve been working…a lot.

But more important than the boatwork (by far) is the fact that my wife will cross one of life’s bridges tomorrow; by retiring. I’m very proud of her. Her retirement is a major personal milestone. – Did you know that most jobs don’t offer retirement or retirement plans (in the US) anymore? I didn’t know that- Although we are headed for a family milestone in Nov, her retirement is pretty huge for our family.

Teagan’s working on her first killer video for Kids Corner Friday and we’ll look at it to see if we can post it tomorrow or if we’ll do some more editing on it. With the completion of several very large projects on Tulum this week, I’m able to get back to the website.

If you know us, this blog will be a great way to communicate with us when we leave.

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2 Responses

  1. Congratulations Michelle! Such a fantastic fellow Naval Officer and Friend! So excited to follow your adventure in November. Shipmate we have the watch! Much love always. Accursia

  2. Very true. People are put out before they can collect retirement. That and the laying off causing regular workers to do more to take up the lack of employees. All money, profit related. But glad you are looking forward to enjoying that sailing. Thumbs up!

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