Kids Corner Video for a kid.

I’ll be the first to admit I had to think long and hard about allowing one of my kids to make a video that would be seen on YouTube, on our own fledgling channel.  However, I have already allowed her to start writing on the blog every Friday for her “Kids Corner” column and she’s getting older and seems to be much more technical than I could ever dream of being…so I think having her film, edit, voiceover and produce some video logs is ok….as long as we carefully review them for content and personal information.  

My oldest daughter Teagan has been working on her own on this video for several weeks.  She put the entire thing together and has filmed, edited and produced the video so it’s by a kid for kids in it’s entirety.  Both me and my wife have discussed our goals for this website and our YouTube site and we’re not fond of just posting home movies (we’re looking for content that will inspire or assist you in your own travels or boat life)…but I think giving my daughter this freedom of creativity is important as we start moving toward a home school environment and I take more time to work on our own YouTube channel and website content.  So it’s with great excitement and some nervousness that I invite you to watch Teagan’s first video…produced entirely by her for other kids:  Kids Corner on LF2SF 190802

Here’s the last written post she did, these will continue and we’ll drop more of her videos as she makes them- Kids Corner for Friday, June 28th-

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  1. I completely understand the hesitation about kiddos and YouTube– I just haven’t been able to get my head around it for my kiddo yet. I appreciate reading your thoughts and how you guys thought it through and decided.

    1. Thanks, as usual, it’s a work in progress that we amend if we have to….and yes we’re still nervous about it but gotta five a bit here and there-

      1. Great points! I’m about 10 steps behind in technology, but the kids these days sure aren’t. Freedom for a little self expression is coming to mind. Thank you!! 🙂

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