What does a Great Dane do when she thinks no one's paying attention to her?

Great Dane’s are notorious for loving “off-limits” areas where a human might sit down or sleep.  Cause when a Great Dane gets onto these pieces of furniture, no one else does.  Wanna see what this looks like on a boat with very small beds?  Especially when she thinks she’s getting away with it and continues the behavior. From Quincy:  “Sometimes they stop paying attention to me and I decide to go really wild.  When that happens, I just feel like getting sneaky and try to find large, soft surfaces to sleep on.  Have you EVER been on a sailboat as a Great Dane?  I wonder if the owners have any idea what it’s like for me to sleep on that tiny round bed they’ve been hauling around for me or the rugs that they think I LOVE?  I mean, they’re not cruel about it or anything, but they have no idea what it’s like to try to squeeze my frame into some of these spaces on this sailboat thing.  Never the less, I find ways to get comfy….like in the picture below when I took over their bed and they didn’t even know it cause I was soooo quiet.”

Quincy dead asleep on my bed.

In case you have not been following our posts, Quincy the Great Dane lives on a sailboat and is 5.  She’s 130 pounds of pure love, but her bark really is much bigger than her bite.  We’re working through getting the boat engine completely rebuilt and working hard to hit the Nov 4th deadline to sail away with Baja Ha-Ha 2019.  If you want to see more of Quincy’s columns and wisdom every Sunday, please follow our website. 

By the way…Quincy wasn’t that sneaky and was sooo asleep I was able to go in and mess with her, check it out:

Quincy’s Jaw….she’s still totally asleep and dreaming.

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