Sailing a big ocean in a little boat should always be considered adventure!

Reporting from somewhere over the Pacific: Sitting in my comfy seat on Hawaiian Airlines, I’m appreciative of the extra room afforded us. Soon we’ll be far from land on a small boat, without much luxury and a lot of long hours. I’m on my way to Honolulu, Hawaii to help deliver a sailboat to the mainland. On the plane are my fellow crew members. Both of them coming out of the West Coast Race Circuits, I sheepishly admit I’m not much of a racer. I’m here to cross half the Pacific safely on a small boat….soaking up all the knowledge I can. Even in the airport; I spot them easily as we have similar attributes: beards, ball caps, flippies, well-used and comfy clothes and confidence that shines through their easy demeanor. Going out to cruise or race along coastlines is something we’ve all done, but shooting toward the west coast of the US from Hawaii is a whole new ballgame. Our Captain’s done it before and I’ve got confidence in him and the crew. No one knows how they’re gonna do when confronted by epic adventure…I get nervous as I pack and want nothing more than to just get started. I don’t like showing up all dressed for the party just to find it’s a dud….so I’m excited to have been given this opportunity. You may not realize, but there’s folks who pay ALOT of money for heavy weather passages, offshore experiences and chances to sail with some of the big names in the offshore sailing world. Me….I look for experiences…but prefer not to go looking for heavy weather. I do fully realize that you’ve gotta be fully practiced and prepared for adventure as then it will seek you out. Neither me or Michelle is great at sitting on the sidelines…so she pushed me to accept this opportunity so we’d add more experience for our upcoming trip. As Behan and Jamie Gifford of Totem have written about…I don’t attribute my experience level to the miles sailed….but to the skills and practical knowledge gained. Sitting here reading about modern day explorers, I’m excited about this upcoming trip. You won’t hear much from me for a few weeks, but I’ll bring you photos and posts when I get back. And….at the same time I’m gone on this trip, our kids are starting school again and our engine will hopefully come out of the boat safely and quickly with my wife project managing.

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