A blow to my wife's independence or her decision?

Awhile ago me and my wife laid out a rough plan (with some milestones) to make our goal a reality.  The goal is to cast off the lines of our sail boat in November of 2019 to start a cruising trip with our kids and Great Dane.  When we laid out our milestones…we knew we needed to get our house sold, put all our stuff in storage, retire, have the boat ready to go (didn’t expect a seized engine 2 months before the Ha-Ha) and sell both of our cars (cause we wouldn’t need them).  We’ve achieved most of those milestones….and just crossed another one off the last week when we said goodbye to the Adventure Jeep.  We had the jeep for awhile and my wife kept it in great shape.  She loved it but it was mutual understanding after she retired that we just didn’t need two cars and this had been part of the plan all along.  We’re going to sell my car too.  Some may wander if my wife lost her independence when her car was sold; the answer is straight up NO.  For the first time since we’ve been married, we’re a one car/one boat family and for the first time in her adult life…she doesn’t have a car.  The real answer is that she doesn’t NEED a car, cause we’re sharing now.  But, I think it’s till a bit of a shock to the system and when I have to get rid of mine, it will be a shock to the system too. 

So….goodbye Adventure Jeep, you did great and we were fortunate to have you-


We’re plowing toward the goal of casting off the lines to go cruising in November of 2019.  But….the wrinkle now is whether our engine will be out of the boat and rebuilt/put back in by November.  Whether we make the Ha-Ha or not….we’re still going cruising.  Will you follow us through our adventures by following our website? 


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  1. Long live the Jeep wave (still waving at my fellow jeeps in my “new” car😳

    1. Sorry you had to say goodbye to the jeep 🙁. But one less thing to worry about when you’re on the high seas!

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