Coming to San Diego for Baja Ha-Ha or just want to know some of the quality businesses that answer their phones and show up on time? Here's a my list-

For years we’ve lamented the service level in the marine industry in various places we’ve had our boats, always trying to use business’s that give us great service.  I honestly try NOT to use outside help cause I want to try to do my own work, but when I can’t,  I use professionals.  So knowing that all sorts of boats have already started depending on San Diego for the 2019 Baja Ha-Ha and more will come; I came up with a short list of professionals that we’ve used.  These folks generally show up on time, answer their phones and give you a fair price for their services.

This is an evolving list and not all of these folks have their own websites (some might even be hard to get hold of) but they would love to help you out…especially if you need to get ready for Baja Ha-Ha.  Time is running short, get hold of folks early and often as San Diego fills up quick and some of these guys get lots of work.  This list is under the “Extra’s” drop-down menu on my home page.  


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