This is a re-post of camping in the Maine Woods.  JDR runs a site called: “Weird Guy With a Dog“…and he’s a long-haul trucker.  More importantly, he takes some of the best nature pictures I’ve seen in a very long time, of Maine but also from his cross country travels by truck.  I’ve been camping and backpacking for a long time and identify as a partial-country boy who’s now graduated to a boat…but I wax very, very nostalgic when I see his campsites and jeep, out there in the pure cleanliness of the woods.  I don’t re-post videos very often, but I need to make sure you have the chance to see this video just because it’s freaking awesome…tranquil and well-filmed without alot of talking.  

It you want to check out a blog with some of the best nature pictures around, check out Weird Guy With A Dog and please consider following his site.  (while you’re checking his blog posts, keep an eye out for LF2SF Stickers…like the one on his Jeep!)

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  1. Someday I will fly out to see you and go for a nice cruise! I may never cross an ocean, but I may sell my Jeep in a few years and buy a small boat to cruise the east coast, so if you circumnavigate I will see you there also!

    1. That’s the plan right now. We’re planning on coming down the pacific coast slow, going through the Canal and then coming up to the east coast,,probably Georgia for hurricane season that year. Then we’re looking at renting a motorhome and doing the east coast historical stuff all the way to Maine for that hurricane season. Would LOVE to see you there or in the Caribbean. But we’ve got a get our engine. So depressing to be this close to the Ha Ha and know that we might not make it. Mechanic can’t even tell us if it will be done by end of Oct, meaning he will have had the engine out of the boat for 60 days…..been 30 days so far- I love your travel stuff and the pics, keep at it please.

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