gotta have good seasoning and consistent heat for perfect chops on the Egg!

Ummmm…perfect Pork Chops with great seasoning done perfectly on the Big Green Egg.   Except ours is on our sailboat and we use it for a variety of different foods, NOT always meat.  But in this case, I just happened to shoot a picture of some of my perfect pork chops so I figured I’d drop a quick post so you could try this too-

I like nice thick boneless pork chops that I can buy in a regular ol’ store…ready to be barbecued and provide a great meal quickly.  In this case, I threw some olive oil and some “Bad Byrons Butt Rub” on the meat and let it sit for about half an hour (I was hungry).  I also needed that half-hour to get the Big Green Egg going and up to temperature (350′) so I could cook the chops nice and slowly at a consistent temperature.  I also chopped some veggies that would go on the grill first, but no picture of those.  I cooked these nearly one-inch thick pork chops for only about 15 minutes per side, checking them once and turning them once for a great cook.  The chops came out nice and juicy, with only one of the chops getting a bit too seared but it didn’t dry out.  This is the magic of the egg…food can be well cooked but rarely dries out-



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  1. They look yummy. I do my pork chops differently, though: first put tem in a brine for 3 or 4 days, and then very slowly smoke them.

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