A quick note to reach out to all of you…who read my posts, support my website and keep coming back to read again.  We’ve got friends and family who read this site, boat neighbors, contacts and folks from all over the world.  What started in 2014 has blossomed into a full fledged website with followers and comments, conversations and thought provoking ideas. We do have a few semi-famous followers from the cruising and oceangoing world, but we also have folks scattered in 23 countries around the globe…who tune in to read about Quincy the Great Dane or see what’s cooking on the Big Green Egg this week.

And we have lots of folks who can’t wait to see us leave this slip and actually start cruising…just because we’ve run our mouth on this blog so many times about starting this new chapter of our lives.  We are going through some trials to get to that goal….like waiting on our engine to get rebuilt and put back in and putting on new sails, but we’re slowly slogging our way there.  So this is a huge thanks to those who follow our website and keep reading…it is validating that you’re all still around and reading.  

Don’t forget you can check out our Pinterest site and if you feel like supporting us into our trip, you can check out the Patreon site too!  

PS: Happy Emergency Nurses Week!  

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    1. I think googling Son Of A Sailor will do it but we’ll add a button into the website soon so you can go directly to it. Great Questions as usual, thanks.

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