Yep, finally proof that I cook veggies on the Big Green Egg

I’ve been telling you that I cook a lot of veggies on the Big Green Egg on my sailboat, without much proof yet.  So here we go-

Mmmm, Zucchini on the grill for some smoked flavor…really good.  For these, I gave them a nice flat steak cut, laid them flat on the platter for some great olive oil and spices and cooked them for about 7 minutes per side on my egg at about 275 degrees.  Easy peasy and they came out great.  Notice how they are directly on the grill (after I cleaned it).  This is how you get those nice sear marks and great flavor…but you can’t be timid about putting them right on the grill.  I also have a veggie plate I use for smaller veggies, again right on the grill.  So here’s your after picture,,,I really do egg some veggies!

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