The writings of a 10-year old boat kid; about the great La Cruz Kids Regatta.
La Cruz Kids Club Regatta

Okay…once again, I have zero idea what I should write about (this is, what, the fifth time?). sigh. OH. I know.   So I bet you want to know who won the boat races. Well, unlike what I had earlier thought, the bigger boats raced each other, and the little boats raced each other. So, for the little boats, there was Kellyn’s boat, my and Levi’s boat, another kid named Owen, and an adult decided to make a boat (name unknown, although he said that he was 12…) …and anyway, so the 2 big boats raced. The teen’s original boat had sunk, so they constructed one in 4 hours, and called it Ramshackle. The other boat was called Wind seeker, and they were the ones that won. Ramshackle, apparently, was really good for going upwind. Wind seeker went basically any direction if there was wind…and they were SUPPOSED to go downwind, so you can imagine how the race went. And afterwards, the teens were muttering about what they would have given for 1 more hour of work…anyway, for the little boats, long story short, Kellyn’s boat came in first, mine second (GO STARLIGHT!!!). My Friend took his boat out of the water when another kid crossed the finish line…TEAGAN UP AND OUT.

The Boats:

Small Boat Division
Small Boat Division
Small Boat Division…I’m not sure a kid built this one?
Big Boat Division
Big Boat Division

The Races:

La Cruz Kids Club, Regatta Day


Not from the author of Kids Corner: 

I’ll write more about La Cruz and the La Cruz Kids Club when I write my article about places we’ve been (La Cruz), but suffice to say the kids love the activities and we’re thankful for all the kids here in one place.  We love what we’re doing out here and I can’t thank all of you enough for following and reading our posts.  More coming up on cooking on the Big Green Egg on a boat and some of the land travels we just completed.  Wanna support this blog- FOLLOW us.  Want a cool LF2SF Sticker and T-Shirt?  Support us on Patreon and we’ll send you the swag you deserve! 

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