One 10-year old's take on pets for boats.

TODAY, I WILL BE WRITING ABOUT………PETS ABOARD!!! Yeah, I’m totally psyched about boat pets.  But then again, I REALLY want one myself. I think that’s what I’ll write about this post, ‘cause they are pretty cool (and some- times furry, slimy, soft, pretty, cute, and maybe even creepy!)! There are tons of pets, and so many of them can live on a boat with you. They are usually pretty easy to care for, and love to play. Me, I think I want a hamster. Today, we’re gonna dive into the creepy, cute, playful world of boat pets!

Many rodents are compact, yet small enough to be perfect for a boat. #1, guinea pig. These little fur balls LOVE to play. Although they usually have to have another guinea pig around (unless you’re around ALL THE TIME), that just means twice the fun! They are good for kids of all ages, and I’m pretty sure they aren’t nocturnal. #2 hamster. These little guys are actually pretty nice for a boat. On long crossings, all they need is food, water, perhaps a clean cage, and a place to curl up and sleep, and that’s exactly what they’ll do. They take little thirty-minute naps, day and night, so expect them to be awake at night when you are considering where the cage should go. We have some cruiser friends (Totem), and they had two, and said that their hamsters did pretty well, except for New Zealand and Australia, where qoroutine was really bad.

Dogs and cats are actually pretty well equipped for living on a boat, and are very popular in the boating world. #1 dog.  These guys are the perfect four-legged friends to have on your boat, and as long as you love them, they’ll love you tenfold! Although, not all pooches are good on boats. Some, especially small and very fury dogs, because all that fur would weigh them down in the water, and small dogs have the increased chance of getting hypothermia, due to having not a lot of body fat. #2 cats. These furry felines are actually usually kinda lazy, but can be the ultimate snuggle buddy! All they need is a litter box, daily food and water, and sometimes a little bit of love, and they’ll be just fine. They can be pretty cute around the right toys. Just be careful around other pets, especially rodents, because natural instinct may just make them want to jump.

I think fish and other H2O animals go really good on boats, especially for beginners. #1 fish! For starters, these guys are really good. If you are a beginner, go strait past the goldfish. Although they are portrayed as “the ultimate starter pet” they are actually kinda hard to care for. Instead, look for beta fish. These guys are not only really pretty to watch, but they are really easy to care for. #2 snails and crabs. Whether caught or bought, they are REALLY captivating. Sometimes, for the crabs, you can paint a shell, and the crab will happily move in. at pet stores, they might have those really cool shells that look, for example, like the crab has a mini castle, or city, on it’s back. It’s really cool!   Thanks for reading. TEAGAN UP AND OUT

Remember that the author of this post is 10-years old and lives on a cruising sailboat…with a pet.  Her pet is a Great Dane named Quincy who’s 130 pounds, slobbery and smelly but a lovable goof. 

We love the fact that we’re out here with our kids during these years of their lives, with only weather to dictate a schedule.  We’d love to hear from you as we love comments and love to have you follow us if you feel so inclined- Have a great day and a great weekend. 






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  1. Hi Teagan, Good article! I had a hamster named Judy when I was a kid. She was a good pet but she escaped from her cage a couple of times and She was really hard to find so ya gotta be careful with the hamsters! They’re sneaky! Glad to see you guys are doing well on your adventure!

  2. Hi T! Wow. Your article made me think about a lot of things… My cousins had a guinea pig. They love to (and have to) chew… everything! They are excellent escape artists as well.
    Please give Quincy some love for me 😊

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