Dogs are stressed out everywhere by the sudden appearance of their owners....all day!

A message from your four-legged creatures barked by Quincy the Great Dane

As a noteworthy author on this website (the cutest for sure), I am taking this opportunity to talk about a serious matter on behalf of my canine brethren across the nation.  WE ARE STRESSED OUT!  We used to enjoy the peace and solitude in our homes while you all were out for long hours of the day, no doubt researching better ways to feed and entertain us and now with you all home, we are constantly on watch!  We take our duty to protect you, remain a pillar of loyalty, and produce the most aromatic flatulence seriously!  I polled my pooch friends and do you know they are only averaging 6 hours of napping during the day vs the typical 10?  They’ve sent photos of the damage that has been done – as you can see we are all a bit on edge.  We are in this with you until the end (a dog’s creed) but please out of common courtesy, be respectful of our peace and allow us some time to adjust!

Take a hard look at all my pooch friends and feel their stress! 





Quincy reminds you that while masks are not necessary unless you are infected, please cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze.

Quincy is a 130-pound Great Dane who lives on our cruising sailboat with us and our two kids, permanently.  She provides her astute wisdom and commentary every Sunday (when she can find WiFi).  Right now, she’s in a self-imposed quarantine just like some of you as we wait on a weather window to cross back to Baja from mainland Mexico.  Her main duties on the boat include daydreams,  day-sleeping, night-sleeping, barking at pangas, ignoring birds, dolphins, whales and turtles and eating twice per day.  She loves it when we can get her off the boat to go to shore for some puppy-laps but amazingly enough…she’s ok on the boat when we just can’t get her to shore.  If you haven’t had time to meet all of us yet…we’re a family living on a cruising sailboat in Mexico…currently watching COVID and history unfold inside our own country and the world from an outside viewpoint.  The best thing you can do for us and Miss Quincy is follow our website and hit us with comments or questions, she loves to answer them!









4 Responses

  1. Love reading your blog. Keep em coming! We are :staying home” x for trips to commissary on Camp Pen. Stay safe! Mary Medina

  2. Hey Quincy,

    We miss you and your humans. Today is one of your best post. Had me laughing. And the black long legged canine on the tan couch is a doppelganger of our beloved Lou.

    Paws up girl,

    Dharma Girl

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