Quincy speaks while hiding from a norther...back in Baja again!

From Quincy’s Paws for your reading pleasure:  “We’ve made the crossing from Mazatlan and quickly had to hide from a Norther for 3-4 days as we tried to get up to La Paz.  This isn’t unusual for cruising life, but I’m really, really not happy about getting stuck on the boat as the Captain won’t let us off the boat in the big wind.  So what’s a dog to do in a Norther?  I sleep a lot….and sleep some more..then eat, poop, pee and repeat the cycle.  I’m just glad that there’s no combination of big wind and great big swells like we had out while we were out to sea.  Really makes me nervous.  Here’s some pics but they really don’t do the swells and wind justice”:

Quincy after a long hard night of wind and swells, not happy about the situation. Notice she didn’t eat and was not happy till we got into Frailes around 2030 that night.
Tulum riding out the 2nd day of the norther.  Only 19 kts when I took this picture. 
What happens when one of your kids gets bored.

Here at LF2SF we’re sticking to our pre-COVID plan of going back into the Baja for summer, with a few significant alterations.  I’ll discuss more once we make La Paz and get some more facts about our rigging and the rest of work we think we need done….as we balance this against our need to bug out due to COVID. Stick with us….when we’re not on the net…we’re probably out adventuring-  

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