We came down to Mexico in November with the Baja Ha-Ha 2019, meaning to go back to the US in late March or early April to visit family and get our Visas renewed for another 180-days in Mexico.  With the descent of COVID-19 upon Mexico and the US, we decided not to go home (and there’s few safe ways to get home right now).  With this in mind…concern over our Visas expiring has prompted me to start thinking through what we’ll do as we get closer to our Visa deadline.  Many of these same concerns may be happening to other boats and families in Mexico (especially if you came down with the Ha-Ha) so I decided to make some inquiries into what CAN be done.  Reaching out to Agencia Barreda in Cabo San Lucas (who helped with Ha-Ha paperwork) we’ve been advised to see the Immigration Office in La Paz.  I think that no matter where you are in Mexico, this is sound advice that may help you get another Visa (possibly without going outside of Mexico) during this Corona Virus outbreak.  Of course, this is predicated on the fact that you need or want to get a current, updated Visa for Mexico.  But I suspect this may apply to some of the folks who were going to do the jump to the South Pacific and have now been forced to change their plans, staying in Mexico this season instead.   

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  1. You can check with the IMN office in Loreto, they are very friendly and helpful.

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