Caution: Dangerous POST....Possible Sky Spoilers!

Wasup, peeps? Guess what? More sky! Don’t worry, I’m gonna talk about something interesting.  Caution…SKY Spoilers ahead…go no further if you’re offended by Beta or don’t want SKY Spoilers-

So, I don’t know if you guys already know what this means, but an OOB (out of bounds) is basically a place where you’re technically not supposed to be in it, but you’re there anyway. Only the best players know where these are, and so I’m gonna tell you about that. The first, and my favorite, in all the game, is the rainbow bridge. Some of you might know what that is, and for those who don’t know what it is, the rainbow bridge is, basically, a giant, invisible-unless-you’re-touching-it, rainbow cube in the sky. It’s very hard to find, because of the invisible thing, but worth the climb. I won’t tell you where exactly, but it’s somewhere in isle of dawn. It’s really a glitch, but a good one. Because, you see, when TGC (ThatGameCompany) heard about it, they took it out of the game. But upon hearing that players were basically using it as a friendship hub, meeting new friends and saying hi to others, they put it back in the game. Okay, next one. It’s near the entrance to the third level in hidden forest, if you can understand that, where the rain stops. You’ll see a bunch of trees, that tower into the clouds (I’m not kidding. They actually do!). Recharge your wing to the highest level you can, and then fly around the trees, replenishing your wing in the clouds if needed. Remember, don’t try to go directly through the holes in the clouds. They have barriers over them, and you won’t be able to get through them. However, if you fly around the trees, you will be able to get through the first barrier. The second one is harder. You have to go through a little wind tunnel that is very hard to get through. However, once it is done, you are in what I call the “above the treetops”. You can get some great photos, watch the sunset, or maybe just explore. #3 I like to call this one the “sea of dawn”. As some of you players may recall a few seasons back, In isle of dawn, there was a cave/sand pit thing, and at the end of it was a boat on a pedestal, and floating above the boat was three glowing balls. If you remember where this is, then I think this one will serve you well, at least if you have a portable table (or maybe a table spell), or a friend that you have unlocked piggyback with. So, say the wall behind the boat-on-a-pedestal was facing north, then go to the point of the wall that was north-west. Now place the table so that part of one of the chairs is in the wall, and then sit in the seat in the wall. Now get out of the seat, but in the opposite direction of the wall. If you are going to try the piggyback trick, then whoever is on the bottom must move so that they are as close to the wall as they can, and the wall is on they’re right shoulder side, then, using the faint expression, fall into the wall. Whoever is on the top now gets off, and you’re there. If the bottom person wants to get to the secret place, then I suggest the top person, who is now in the secret place offers to the other person to hold hands, and then, if they can, the bottom takes the top’s hand, and will be pulled through. Now you are there. To reward your hard work, I’m not going to tell you what the secret place is. You’re welcome! Okay, #4. This one is called (at least by me and my sister) the “prairie waterslide”.  Yep. There is a prairie waterslide, in daylight prairie.  So, after you fly through the tunnel that runs through the clouds, and you get to the prairie, you know the barrier in between the two grass huts? Go through it, until you reach the place where you’re in a big half dome, and you have to fly across the clouds to get to the other side. Except, don’t go to the other side, fly out above the dome. Or, I suggest you use the rocket trick. Again, you have to have a friend that you’ve unlocked piggyback with, but it’s worth it. Here’s how the rocket trick works. You and your friend are both offering to give each other a piggyback, and you both press get on your friends’ back at the same time, the reaction is you shoot into the air. If you search around the outside of the dome, you will find a kind of waterslide. Enjoy! TEAGANUPANDOUT!!! P.S. I might publish a video for all this stuff if there was something you didn’t understand (you probably didn’t understand anything because of my horrible writing skills, but that’s life for ya), so stay tuned.

So yeah…here’s another post from the mind of a 10-year old about Sky.  She’s stuck on a cruising sailboat in the Sea of Cortez during the time of COVID where virtually everything fun about the area is…off-limits.  But we do the best we can to keep them entertained and yes…they play video games occasionally.  Wanna buy us a cold beer? Hit the link-

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