You may want to listen to a certain Uncle Jimmy Song while reading this entirely true post (Gypsies In The Palace).

What…you want us to look at your boat while you’re gone?  Absolutely….and as Mr. Jimmy Buffet sings about in one of his songs….it’s not “Gypsies in the Palace”, but gypsies on your boat and we’ll certainly treat it like our own!

Thanks for leaving your fridge and freezer running while you’re gone and stocking both with lots of super cold beer (especially during the months when there was no beer for sale due to COVID)….we’ve checked your boat every time we’ve come to port!’re coming back when?  We’ll certainly probably make sure there’s still beer in that fridge and freezer when you get back….did you count them before you left?

We’ve happily checked our friend’s boat while they’ve been gone (not for the beer) but because it was just the right thing to do.  We live on a cruising sailboat with our kids and dog in the Sea of Cortez and do what we write about on this website, usually doing more than writing!  Wanna support us….help us grow our site by FOLLOWING us and consider checking out our Patreon Site.  



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