The MineCraft Diva looks into the Herobrine Legend. Kids Corner...written entirely by a kid!

I often ask myself: is Herobrine real? So many have asked this question, I have decided to look into it myself.

However, let me get this over with first: Herobrine was/is a player/ REALLY powerful mob that has popped up over the years as somewhat a celebrity, if not a very reclusive one, in Minecraft. Also, so you know, Mojang is the current… not creator (cause a guy named Notch made Minecraft) owner of the game Minecraft. They make the updates, and add new stuff. So anyway, back to Herobrine. Supposedly he looks like the average Steve skin (brown hair and beard, purple pants and eyes, cyan shirt), but with no pupils, just completely white eyes. He is loved by the public eye, having been seen several times on all platforms, and a shower of artwork, movies, books, and so many others can be found online, all dedicated to Herobrine.

To start, I’m going to go to the beginning. The first time Herobrine was seen. A player (I’m going to call him that for his privacy) was in a normal survival world, and in the fog, he thought he saw a cow, and advanced towards it, hoping to score some leather for armor. Instead, he saw a player with the normal Steve skin, but no pupils. As soon as eye contact was made, the mysterious other person fled into the woods. The player tried to pursue him, but he had disappeared. The player managed to get a photo, however, as his proof. Then he continued playing. However, he saw things that weren’t supposed to be there: chunks missing, 2×2 tunnels in stone that ran forever, perfect pyramids of sand in the ocean, and whole forests with their leaves missing. The player saved his world and went online to search if anyone else had seen this mysterious player. However, when he tried to post what he had found, it deleted itself in five minutes. The second post was gone even faster. However, after the second post, he got a message from a person with the username ‘Herobrine’. It said one word: ‘Stop’. When the player tried to go to ‘Herobrine’s’ account, it said error 404, that ‘this page did not exist’. However, he did get a message from another person, saying that there were other people that had seen what the player had. Eventually, the two found out that the name ‘Herobrine’ was often used by a Swedish Minecrafter, who turned out to supposedly be Notch’s brother. The player personally emailed Notch about it, and after some time, he got a response: ‘I had a brother once, but he is no longer with us’ was all he said. P.S. you can find the player’s story online, as well as the photo.

The player’s story got out a lot, so much, it eventually reached the ears of Mojang themselves. In the next update, among the things put in, ‘taken Herobrine out’ was one of them. When players who were previously unconvinced or unsure about Herobrine saw this, some were convinced he was really real, if Mojang had to take him out of the game. It didn’t help with all of the joking going around on social media from the developers. And after Notch dropped the bombshell about his whole brother thing, it was getting a bit crazy. A bit too crazy, so Notch announced (online) that ‘I never had a brother (well, there was that half-brother I never saw…), and he was never associated with the game’. To help, one of the developers (nicknamed Dinnerbone) responded to one of his questioners, saying ‘There never was a Herobrine, no, and there never will be’.

Mojang went with the Social Media craze and continued to have ‘Herobrine taken out’ (he was still spotted), and went so far as to put Herobrine in Minecon posters, and more. However, something that I think is interesting is that, in the Nether Update, Mojang stopped saying ‘taken Herobrine out’. Why break their streak? And on Herobrine’s anniversary, too… did they put Herobrine in…?

I choose to believe that Herobrine is not real. Some think he’s just some really good Hacker. Others say he’s a really efficient bug. Some believe in him. Some don’t.

What do you think?

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