Wow, did you know that SKY is coming to Switch in 2021?

I know this is going to sound insane, like I’m some computer geek that is WAY too addicted to their games, but Sky is probably the most beautiful game I’ve ever encountered in my life.  It’s an amazing, really awesome indie game, and it touched me from the moment I saw it. I literally thought, Wow. This game is going to be a bestseller one day.  Like Minecraft. And then my journey in sky started. I immediately noticed how beautiful the music was. I inevitably freaked out when the Sky Soundtrack came out. And although Sky is only out on Android and I-pad and iPhone, TGC just announced that in 2021, Sky would be coming out on Nintendo. I really think this is funny, because we have a boating friend that has a Nintendo Switch, and we were talking about sky, and he said, “You know, maybe Sky will come out on Switch”. Then, like, the next day, I looked on TGC’s website, AND IT SAID SKY WOULD BE COMING OUT ON NINTENDO SWITCH. So yeah, that’ll be cool. What I really love is, after I got through all of the Kingdoms, after a while it became boring, just candle-running it. Sure, there’s the fun of discovering the other, hidden expression spirits that I wasn’t able to get the first or second times, but then Sky becomes really boring, because I’ve gotten everything, and there’s nothing else. But then, BOOM. Something happens. It’s EVERYWHERE. And everyone else is yelling, YAAAY! A NEW SEASON! But me, who has zero idea what a season was at the time, scratches my head and vows to find out what this miraculous seeming “season” is. Apparently, it’s the best thing since flying came to sky and… well, you get it (the flying was in Sky from the beginning). So, I of course join in on the fun, the valor and mysteries of Sky unfolding once more.

Yep, this story was written by a ten-year old who would LOVE a Switch for Christmas if we can swing it, we’ll see.  She’s one of my daughters who lives on our cruising sailboat full time and writes this column every Friday when we have internet.

You may have noticed the HelmsMistress missed the Weds post…things are kind of hectic here.  We’ve just moved for the third time into our third AirBnB and Tulum is still on the hard.  We’ve decided to get the complete bottom job (which turned out to be more time in the yard than we thought), get new portholes put in and at the same time we’re working with an expert welder here to get our new chainplates perfectly made and prepped for install.  After that, we’re getting all new standing and running rigging put on the boat, here.  We’ve really gotten lucky by the fact that there’s a good boatyard, great welder and great rigger all in the same place, able to help us when we needed to get it all done.  Plans are in flex here with us…we’re working through all of that….they’re written in the sand you know.

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