Talk Like a Pirate Day from a Boat Kid....a month late but better than never.

 “So yea wanna be a pirate, eh?” Welcome to talk like a pirate day! (mostly done entirely by mom, with me yelling at her in the background to turn off the sailing (but mostly loud, Irish hard metal) music. To us Frenchies, talk like a pirate day (not even known to some people) is a day of waking up to vigorous music that we all hate, lavish decorations all over (most including fake pirate hats and creepy miniature skeleton dolls… AHH! IT’S ALIVE!), fake gold doubloons among stale, sure-to-make-you-throw-up chocolate coins and more loveliness! It’s of course a day of celebration, taken especially well to all of us: waking up with our hands over our ears, then pretending to be asleep for sake of our dignity but then dragged out of bed and a velvet pirate hat plopped on our heads, despite our protests. Then there’s the pirate word search, and, (OH THE HORROR!) the gifting of the ridiculous pirate names! We then of course eat our normal breakfast (the Irish music blaring in the background), and the children start to a traditional, dangerous but safe, plastic, sword fight! Oh the fun! Then dad starts yelling “ANCHOR DRINKS! OO, THIS IS GONNA BE A BIG ONE!” every single time a boat comes into view. Of course, they all have to come into the once virgin anchorage we had to ourselves. Poor mom. All she wanted was a nice, fun filled day, all to the family that seems to be ignoring her…

THEN, she wakes up on the real talk-like-a-pirate-day, which is actually pretty fun!

Yep, this post is very late and the subject material is even more late but we’ve got a lot going on and the daughter wrote this because she thought it was a lot more fun than all about all the work we have going on right now.  More about that tomorrow- 

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