Quincy's the Great Dane's story of her triumphant return to the boat and the drama of her dramatic and death defying injury...in her own words!! (Warning:  This post may have at least one picture that might gross you out....I warned you!)

  From the 4-Paws of Quincy..Boat Great Dane:

“I was perfectly happy in the kennel place (Pet and Breakfast) before HE came to get me”.

Photo credit to Pet and Breakfast and Quincy the Model.
Quincy getting a Bath. Photo Credit to Pet and Breakfast

“Then HE came to get me.  But I was pretty happy to see him”.

“Soon, I triumphantly returned to MY sailboat”.

Me and one of my feeders on a morning walk.

“But my quiet solitude wouldn’t last long….as someone walked down MY boat dock and I needed to go give them a bark.  In the process, I hurted my foot, but didn’t really notice.  HE did notice and was quite put out by all the cushion clean up that HE said had to be done.  But SHE was so nice and bandaged me up.  Now I’ve got this nice bandage and sock I have to wear….not sure how long”?

Entire toenail that Quincy Dane ripped off in the process of barking at someone on the dock. Messy but she didn’t seem to notice.
Quincy’s Bandage. She also wears a sock to go walking now.

“Soon life returned to normal but I still have to wear this bandage…but at least they’re walking me again”. 


Morning Walk: Quincy protecting the boat from the mean plastic bottle.  Note: The HelmsMistress did pick it up and properly dispose of the bottle after she stopped laughing.

Yep, we live on a cruising sailboat with a Great Dane and two kids…and life is seldom boring for long.  I like boring…but life keeps throwing in surprises to keep us on our toes….and me cleaning cushions.  We love this life and CHOOSE to be here, hoping you all will come along for the adventure as we’re prepping for the “Southern Crossing” from Baja to Mainland and then cruising the Gold Coast of Mexico for the winter season.  Wanna support us….FOLLOW US.

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