Warning and explanation about use of the ForeSpar NovaLift Wench.

Just after retiring in 2018, I started working non-stop on various projects I thought Tulum needed (with about one year left) before we cut the docklines in late 2019.  So in Sept of 2018 I ordered and installed a Forespar Nova Lift to assist us with bringing up our new 20-horse Honda Outboard.  I was thrilled when it arrived and we installed it, but we didn’t use it in earnest again until November of 2019,,,,cruising down Baja on Baja Ha-Ha 2019.  After using it for just a month or so with regular use, we noticed that the winch was starting to slip.  In the middle of a lift, it stopped lifting and never worked again.  We had warped or melted the plastic prawls inside the winch and it would no longer lift a 20-horse engine…about 110 pounds.  The winch and system is rated for 220 pounds, so why this happened was a mystery to us; most likely explained by cheap manufacturing and inferior materials.  On that particular day, we were forced to use a spare mizzen halyard to lift the engine…and we’ve used it ever since.  

Fast forward two years..and my frustration with the broken Nova Lift peaked when I had some extra time..and contacted Forespar directly to let them know their product was defective.  I sent them the same pictures included in this post and made sure to tell them that I had only used it a handful of times.  Unfortunately they were unable to find my sales information and asked several times (by email) if I had purchased through one of their dealers (nope, I had bought through their own website).  So I was unable to get any refund but they offered to send me a new unit.  I really appreciated their offer, but by now I was OVER using the Nova Lift for anything and took it off the boat.  

My words of caution for you are simple….if you need a Nova Lift for a heavy lift that you cannot do yourself; be very careful relying on the product.  I recommend you only get a Nova Lift if you use it WITHOUT the winch. 

Here’s my previous post from two years ago about installing the Forespar Nova Lift, not too hard to install but the damn thing broke too quickly- 

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