The HelmsMistress is proud to bring you this short film done entirely from our sailboat while at anchor in Ensenada Carrizal. Come listen and see our close-up contact with Humpback Whales right inside the anchorage.

The HelmsMistress and LF2SF are proud to present our newest short film, “The Whale Songs of Carrizal“…now live on YouTube.

Both times we’ve stayed in Ensenada Carrizal the underwater life was spectacular, but this last time we were treated to a once in a lifetime Humpback whale show and experience…right in the anchorage.  Early in the day we watched a mother and her baby just outside the anchorage practice their spy hops, baby breaches and tail slaps…with more excitement to come.  Later in the afternoon AND the next morning, an adult Humpback used the anchorage as it’s personal playground….coming very close to Tulum multiple times, just to see us..I think.  As always, Tulum was anchored just a bit deeper and further out than some of the other boats…and the Humpback came closer than we’ve ever experienced in the past.  Most of our whale experiences are underway…when our engine alerts whales and moves them away from Tulum (a good thing), practical advice is to leave the engine on when there’s whales in the area. This encounter was very different, because Tulum was anchored and we could film and watch without fear of the whales coming too close while we were underway.  What a show it was!

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Tulum sitting in 40-feet of water in Carrizel. Photo credit to Craig on S/V Descanso.

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