My favorite music band (no; I do not have a secret crush on any of them) is Imagine Dragons (I choose not to have a fav song because there are so many great songs out there, but if I had to choose… wavering between Demons (by Imagine Dragons) and Walking the Wire (also by Imagine Dragons). Probably Demons… MAYBE). My two favorite games on Roblox, Wings of Fire (Early Access) and Creatures of Sonaria both involve dragons (well, Creatures of Sonaria involves dragon-like creatures… but it’s still pretty awesome!); soon to join that mix will probably be Wings of Fire (The Journey), which is currently being made by thirteen different people and just looks great! Also, my favorite non-Roblox game Sky: Children of the Light (check it out; free on Appstore, trust me, won’t let ya down!) has these huge monsters called Dark Dragons. They’re also called Krill, but… OFF TOPIC! OFF TOPIC! AND, my favorite book series barely even involves humans (it would have been ‘doesn’t even involve humans’ if not for Dragonslayer, so good on you, Wren (give Sky a snail plushie for me :3!)), because Dragons are hoggin’ all the space!

            But what’s not to love about dragons? I mean, there are countless dragon books (and movies to go with them) out there: “Dragon Riders of Pern” (OMG, when will they be found again by the peeps in space???); “The Hobbit” (Oh, the Hobbitses has tricked us, My Precious!); “Eragon” (the Wonderous-Ticktack-Turned-Dragon-Egg gets named SAFIRA???), and they all have dragons in them for a reason: because people love Dragons. We’re so intrigued by this wonderous flying lizard that is ten times bigger than us and can fly, and while science points towards dragons not being real, we still want to write books and produce movies and design games with one word in mind: dragon. And I get that. I mean, dragons are so cool. Toothless, Saphira, Romoth, the Dragonets of Destiney (WINGS OF FIRE, IT IS YOUR TIME!!!), and their darker counterparts like Smog, Queen Scarlet, Darkstalker, and so many more. From good, kind creatures that fly down from the heavens to bestow humans with gifts to Treasure Hoarders who only come out to hunt and protect their treasure to just the straight up evil baddies that will swoop down in a cloud of smoke and snatch up one, two, three humans as a snack and burn the rest of the village just for good measure. This brings us to the question of how? If dragons aren’t real, if they don’t do those things, if they just… don’t exist except for in legends, then how have humans come up with this idea of awesome fiery winged lizards to even put them in the legends? Well, every legend or myth has a truth or two, and most are made to either teach a lesson to young children or to just entertain a crowd. I have dived deep into the Pool of Knowledge (read: Watching Science Doug on the Internet), and resurfaced with THE TRUTH!!! The truth: long ago, like, medieval ages, people found bones and fossils of flying dinosaurs. These medieval people with pea-sized brains tried to find an explanation to these weird looking bones. I imagine they just had a contest to see who had the best idea: “A Flying lizard that lived long before humans and was wiped out by a Volcano/ Meteor? NAH. A once living, breathing flying lizard that swoops down from the heavens to eat us all? SURE!” one of the earliest records was a medieval tapestry with some kingly dudes inspecting some unearthed Flying Dinosaur in it. That’s how the idea of dragons was formed. As the world grew into what it is today, the stories and legends were passed down from generation to generation, and as they went, the stories became a little less ruff on the edges, and a little fluffier.  Hence the Raya and The Last Dragon with the cotton candy colored dragon Sisudatu (trust me, I have watched it several times already, my sister has forced me to watch it.) who swoops in and saves everyone with her magic. Ahh, Disney. Always trying to make the best legends into kid friendly stories, much so that it ends up being COMPLETELY UNRECOGNIZABLE FROM THE ORIGINAL LEGEND.

But anyway… the moral of the story: DRAGONS. ARE. AWESOME. TEAGANUPANDOUT!!

Remember, Kids Corner is written for Kids by Kids….by kids who live on a cruising sailboat in Mexico.  We’re isolating from Covid waiting to get vaccinated before we go south to Central America and can’t wait to spend another summer in Baja California.






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