By the time you read this, we’ll have pulled anchor and started for Baja. We’re going through a 2-day weather window between northerlies, as we’ve been sitting in the old harbor, Mazatlan for 5 days. This place is great, but others poo-poo it for its noise and activity. To me that’s life and vibrancy and I’m ok with it. Walking distance to all the great restaraunts and culture in old town Mazatlan, I’ll miss this place as we leave. But, I’m happy to be heading to Baja. I’ll come back up on the blog from Baja California, BCS.

PS: Happy Birthday to my brother and Happy Birthday to my!

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  1. Have a great passage!! Missing Mexico! Oh, Follow you is on the market!! We’re looking for a Cat! Hope you guys enjoy the Sea of Cortez this season. Will keep you posted as to our status! Hugs!

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