Yep, that's right...SKY is coming to Nintendo Switch. For two boat kids who LOVE gaming..this couldn't be better news. Read on-

Have you heard? Sky is coming to Nintendo Switch!!!! Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better… ONE OF MY FAVORITE GAMES and MY FAVORITE GAMING PLATFORM ARE MERGING!!!!! Aaaand there’s even this really awesome STARTER PACK FOR NINTENDO SWITCH PLATFORMS!!! Can you guess what it includes? STUFF FROM LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD!! (excuse me, I have to go scream in the background. AHAHAHHAHHAHAHAAAAAAAAEEEEWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEĘĖĒËÊÉÈ) IT INCLUDES:

LINK HAIR. OH MY G, I COULDN’T. STOP. THINKING BOUT THIS!!! I can’t include photos (copyright, blah blah blah, etc.), so go look it up! Its amazing!! XD.

An ocarina. A reference to Ocarina of Time, me thinks. It also has an interesting key arrangement: the keys are shaped into a square.

It also includes two extra-special capes: a cyan/blue/the same color as the blue controllers on a switch (another reference!), with the star pattern being… a sideways rectangle? It’s odd, because the other cape, which is the same red as the second switch controller, has a simple star pattern like all the other capes… ohhh, wait, the rectangle is like the minus on a switch controller and the “star” is a plus. O.O

There is also gonna be a SECRET AREA, which, somewhat like the office cape pack, can only be reached if you have one of the switch capes. (the entrance is somewhere in Golden Wasteland… NO, of course I’m not gonna be mendacious (spoil it for you)!) it has these funny sounds and an obstacle course that are reminiscent of the original Mario Brothers games that Nintendo is famous for. The area also has portals to all of the realms.


Our Friday posts are almost always created, typed and edited by the two boat kids whom we created and now live onboard our 51″ foot sailboat with their Great Dane and us.  Having sold nearly everything, we now live full time on the sailboat, waiting through the horror of Covid while we bug out the best we can on the boat.  Soon we’ll have our shots and decide whether to head south to Panama and further adventures.  Have a great weekend and watch for my Saturday post…Quincy Great Dane’s Sunday post and Monday’s post.  The HelmsMistress will be back on Weds with her new story as well.















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