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Allo, everyone! Karalaral here (that’s my new name; I decided to change it, just saying :P)! Today’s post is about Warriors, the book series! Basically, I’m just going to be explaining it for those who haven’t read it, in the hopes of creating a post that you peeps will like (since the one about the Roblox Warriors game went so well). The 50+ books (including the guidebooks and stuff) are a fictional series centered around a large group of feral cats that are separated into four clans, Windclan, Thunderclan, Shadowclan, and Riverclan. The four clans, while being similar as to how all cats are similar in real life, are different in many ways: Thunderclan is often described as broad-shouldered and courageous, and are skilled forest hunters, while Windclan is thin and very fast, and live on the open plains, with few trees. Shadowclan is known for being slightly more selfish and aggressive towards other clans, living in the marsh with little trees, while Riverclan is known for their fast and excellent swimming, and growing fat on fish every season; they live as close to the river as possible. There is also another clan, one that was hidden for a lot of the series, Skyclan. They are known for their strong, springy legs that allow them to live with ease in the trees; they often try to avoid violence as much as possible, and therefore are called weak by the other clans because of this. The clans all share a basic religion: Starclan. Every cat in all the clans almost always grow up to train and become a warrior, a cat to hunt and defend the clan, and to train more warriors. The Clans all believe that Starclan is a separate clan where the cats that have died gone to live, in a sort of paradise-like afterlife, all of the dead cats from every clan coming together into one. Starclan cats often visit living cats in dreams to give prophecies of the future, warnings, advice, and more. They also often send signs in nature, like a shooting star, or an owl swooping down on a cat as a sign to be interpreted by the medicine cat(s) of the clan; a medicine cat is a special cat chosen from apprentice-hood, or, rarely, warrior-hood, to be trained to heal cats using natural herbs, and to learn the ways of Starclan, to bring prophecies or signs to the clan. When a cat is born they are given a name, and a suffix to be added to the name, -kit. For example, let’s say we have a cat whose first part of their name is Owl. From the moment they are born and the first part of their name is chosen, they will be called Owlkit. When they become an apprentice at six moons (months in human terms), a warrior or medicine cat in training, they would be called Owlpaw. Then, when they sort of graduate, and become a warrior (or medicine cat) the second part of their name would be chosen by the leader. Say the leader of Owlpaw’s clan decided their new name would be Owlclaw. That will be Owlclaw’s name until the end of his life, unless he became the leader of his clan, then he would be called Owlstar. When he became leader, he would journey to the moonstone (a place where medicine cats and clan leaders come to share dreams with Starclan), and share a dream with Starclan where Owlclaw will be given Nine lives, which means they can die Nine times, and come back to life. On the tenth time they die, they will be taken in the paws of Starclan forever. When they come back to their clan after dreaming with Starclan, they will officially be known as Owlstar. The next official cat in line for being leader will be appointed by the current leader, and their official position in the clan will be ‘Deputy’. They will arrange border patrols (a group of about four cats who inspect over the borders of each clans’ respective territory and remarks the scents on the border) and hunting patrols (a group of four cats who hunt for the clan, and deposit their prey in the fresh-kill pile). The positions in the clan are as goes, with the first being the most respected of the clan, and the last being the least respected: Leader (leads the clan), Deputy (next in line to be leader, picks patrols), Elders (Cats who have used their lives to serve the clan, occasionally cats who are no longer fit to be a warrior or queen, they are inspected for ticks, are brought fresh-kill, and have their moss cleaned by the apprentices of the clan. They are often gone to for their wisdom), Queens (female warriors who are close to kitting (close to giving birth to kits/kittens), they spend their days normally until their pregnancy starts to interfere with their warrior duties, then they spend the rest of the pregnancy in the nursery; after they give birth (with help from the medicine cat) they will spend the next six moons with their kits, nursing and keeping the kits inside the camp/nursery; they are brought fresh-kill from their mates/the father of the kits) Warriors (the majority of cats in a clan are warriors, trained in battle moves and hunting skills, they bring in prey, patrol and protect borders from impeding clans, and protect their clan from other clans; they also train apprentices to be warriors), Apprentices (apprentices are warriors in training; they bring the elders and queens prey, search the elders for ticks, clean out the moss bedding, and hone their battle and hunting skills in the hopes of becoming a warrior. If you are a medicine cat apprentice, you learn the herbs of where they live, learn about Starclan, and help out the senior medicine cat. Although they will get their official name, they will still be considered an apprentice and not an official medicine cat until the senior medicine cat dies or resigns.), Kits (kits are cats under six moons/months. They are not allowed out of camp due to their vulnerabilities. They often boast about “becoming the best warrior in blank clan” or the “best hunter in blank clan” although are often very scared when faced with actual danger.).

Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed this post! It explains a little bit about the basics of Warrior Cats series, and I hope it helped you!

Karalaral, OUT.

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