If this post doesn’t have the same timber or voice as a HelmsMistress post…it’s because I’m writing on her day in order to get a short post out before I lose internet again.

Since leaving Baja in November, we’ve been moving steadily south, at our own pace.  We stopped in La Cruz (Banderas Bay) to get some much needed love for our primary auto-pilot, we stopped for Christmas break in Zihua and we’ve done a nice stop for New Years in Acapulco (each for about a week).   Aside from those stops we’ve been moving steadily south.  Now when I say moving, I mean mostly day hops down the coast the best we can manage, jumping soon to Huatulco to prep for a perfect weather window to cross the isthmus of Tehuantepec (which is notorious for very high winds and very rough seas).  Each of the three extended stops we’ve done have been accompanied by a laundry list of projects for me to get done, checks to be made on the boat and a growing list of items I wish we had…but Amazon Mexico just doesn’t ship the same things as in the US.  That’s ok…we’ve learned to live without.  Our final course isn’t set right now aside from south and we have not made up our minds about whether we want to get to the Panama Canal by April and use May and June to get back to the US or slow down and stay in Costa Rica and Panama for hurricane season, which also corresponds with lighting and rainy season.  Wish we could sus this out, but we just haven’t gotten there yet.  Ok, short post to make sure you guys know we’re still around and posting, just hard to post when there’s limited internet.

LF2SF is entirely published on a cruising sailboat where we live with our kids and Great Dane as we cruise south slowly, stopping to enjoy the lands and peoples we encounter…in a Covid safe way.  I didn’t get a Christmas or New Years post out, so I hope you had a safe and enjoyable holiday season and I know 2022 is gonna rock-

Keep reading our posts as we LOVE writing and publishing as we go along.  We’ve submitted several of our articles for publication and we’re waiting to hear if they’re gonna get picked up.  We’ll let you know-

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  1. Phew, doggie. You have covered some coastline. Good on Tulum V. And we do appreciate a short post. Tells us you all are well.

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