Another long drive out of Utah, through northern Colorado and into Wyoming. We were really in the iconic Western US now. But after nights of tent camping, the crew was ready for hot showers and a warm hotel room.

We only had one night in Dinosaur National Monument after an epic drive in (read that story HERE), but we packed up and headed out again with gusto.  We knew we were in for another long drive, this time out of Utah, across northern Colorado and into iconic Wyoming. After taking the time to check out the incredible pictographs and petroglyphs easily accessible from the main road on the way out of the monument, we took a left turn and headed east.  As we neared the Colorado border just minutes after leaving the main portion of Dinosaur National Monument, I had a bet in my head about the first thing we’d see as we hit the first town in Colorado, aptly named….Dinosaur.  Nope, not a gas station or diner…but the first thing we saw in this very tiny town was a dispensary.  Yep, not legal in Utah but budding in Colorado….you know…Rocky Mountain High!  The drive through northern Colorado was incredibly lush.  By mid-morning, we drove into the popular ski town of Steamboat Springs, a good place to get gas.  Why?  Cause there isn’t much gas anywhere on this trek along the 40, especially between Steamboat Springs and Laramie.  After leaving the beautiful town of Steamboat Springs, we started gaining elevation quick, as we soon found ourselves heading into the Colorado mountains and over Rabbit Ears Pass, at over 9000 feet.  While not the highest or gnarliest to drive, it till gets your attention when you start drive along in June with snow piled on either side of the road!

I think we took this picture from the truck just past Walden, Colorado during a pee break.

After driving through and out of the Medicine Bow Mountains, we grabbed a quick lunch in Laramie and headed for Cheyenne.  What a change to spend the last three days in hills and mountains and then drive onto the vast plains that make up most of Wyoming.  Along with absolute change in topography came changes in weather, as we now had to contend with rain and wind..and cold.  But we were prepared and most of our stuff in the back of the truck was prepped to stay dry.  Upon getting into Cheyenne, we would spend two nights in a hotel because we had found a popular rodeo series, our kids first real western rodeo…in Cheyenne Wyoming.

Next up in this series about roadtripping and camping in the western US with kids….RODEO.

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