Hello kiddies, I’m back! 😀 since today is an especial day, (last day of the year; Dec 31st; New Year’s Eve; special blah blah blahh) I have a special post for you guys out there! Actually, If you don’t read Wings of Fire (Book fifteen coming out next year tomorrow, great series about DRAGONSSSSSS u need it right now; it’s the YA fiction book you’ve been waiting for!!!!) then most of this probably won’t mean much to you… BUT ANYWAY. A topic that has never been grazed before on this channel (drumrooooooolllllllll please) … CREATING YOUR OWN TRIBE!!!!! Yeah, I just decided it would be fun to share a little corner of my imagination that has been stewing for a bit: a new tribe, called the Stormwings (yeah yeah I got it the name isn’t very original, but neither is “mudwing” or “icewing”, so if Tui decides to keep the names simple then so will I because I want it to be as similar as possible to the series)! They live on a large island off the coast of the Seawing kingdom, large enough for the entire tribe to live comfortably, with lots of room that’s occupied by tropical forests and mountains that kind of give off that vibe that you get when looking at pictures of, say, those large kind of craggy, jutting mountains with bamboo and tropical forests covering them. These mountains are so tall that they are above the clouds, and an entire separate forest ecosystem lives on these mountains above the clouds. The Stormwings live in villages in the huge caves in the side of the mountains, with huts made from bamboo and carved rock. They are very similar in cultural development to the Nightwings in Darkstalker, Fathom, and Clearsight’s time. The reason that the Stormwings can only be found on the Island (that’s its name) is because, two miles away from the island, on the ocean, a huge, massive storm bars the way. It surrounds the island like a ball, so there is no way to go around it, only through it. The more adventurous Stormwings who have tried to fly through it have either been spit out or never seen again, so many Stormwings have been raised to not have any intentions of getting off the Island. Below the cloud level, a large forest grows with a canopy so thick that sunlight doesn’t reach the bottom, and some villages have even been built on the canopy. The backstory of how the Stormwings got to the Island originates with Albatross, the first Seawing animus, and his twin brother, Storm (see where this is going?). What many have forgotten is that Storm was an animus as well, but he hid it. He took a very similar look to it as Turtle, and so, no one found out, except for his very best friend Monsoon, who swore to keep it a secret. Fast forward almost a lifetime, and Storm and Monsoon have gotten married, and Monsoon is pregnant with their egg. They are off visiting some friends when word reaches them of Albatross’ madness and the massacre, but not of Albatross’ death. Storm, worried for his child and wife, takes a gamble and decides to run. He uses his untouched magic to find an island, the Island, far off the coast of the sea kingdom. He and Monsoon travel there, and he creates a paradise out of it, building a home for his family and, as a last resort, puts up the storm that makes the island a prison. Finally, he enchants the Island so that it will forever be safe and provide a home for his family, and it will always adapt itself to keep away the outer world. Then Storm and Monsoon settle down and have their egg. However, unbeknownst to them, the enchantment that Storm put on the Island also affected other things… like, it made everyone forget about Storm and Monsoon. It made Albatross the first Animus without a twin brother… and it affected the egg. Over the generations, as Storm’s descendants became larger and more numerous, they would slowly evolve, into what they are today. Now, to the Stormwings themselves. They have a similar body type to Seawings, but lither and more adapted to fly. They can be pale white to dark black with shades of grey in between as their coloration, and have bright, almost luminous blue eyes that see in the dark. In the air, they are swift and quiet, and strike as quick as lightning, with the force of thunder (like what I did there ). The Stormwings have retained the glow-scales of the Seawings, but they have turned into a bright luminous yellow, although sometimes there are electric blue, lime green, or bright purple discolorations every generation. These glowing scales are used also as a means of communication, not underwater, but in the frequent rainstorms that arise on the Island. They also have gills that allow them to breath underwater, but the gills are better designed to allow the Stormwings ease of breathing in heavy downpour. The Stormwings also have an elaborate power that they hone as they are raised: the power to control electricity… to some extent. Their scales are extremely conductive, and so, along with being shock-proof, they can “summon” lightning during a storm. Not exactly summon, per se, but rather they concentrate the conduciveness of their scales to the point that they conduct lightning down onto themselves. However, as they are a mostly peaceful tribe, they only use this power in hunting (they are a mostly omnivorous tribe, but their main diet consists of fruits and vegetables) or in celebrations, which reminds me, the traditions of the Stormwings! They have a yearly festival celebrating Storm, Monsoon, the Island, and being brought to the Island. Festivities include parties, feasting, arts and crafts contests, plays depicting what happened with Storm and Monsoon, making a special drink called the “Storm Drink” that fizzes and pops like lightning and glows a luminescent yellow, and the special “Storm Dance” where a group of dancers fly in special formation, sing, dance, and summon lightning. The festival lasts for a week. Also, just because I haven’t covered it yet, general naming schemes are, Storm related, weather related, wind and sky related, and so on. Good names could be: Typhoon, Cyclone, perhaps some twins named Thunder and Lightning, or even Cloud, Cumulous, etc.

Anywho, this was a small example; I hope you enjoyed it. Happy Imagineering and make up your own tribes! I’d love to hear about them in the comments :D.

Karalaral out 😛

So this was supposed to be the last post of the year (2021) on LF2SF, but we didn’t have internet so we didn’t get it put out…but we’re putting it out today.  Today is special as it should be our first passage of 2022, heading south again for a couple days straight.

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  1. Miss T,
    No surprise that you did it again. Your writing kept me engaged of your interest with building a tribe.
    Will there be a next chapter, if you will? Or another related post.
    Thank your parents for encouraging your imagination flow so ever naturally.
    Miss you all but grateful for the internet.
    Big squeezes and hugs,
    Miss Carrie, as you endearingly call me.

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