Southward bound, first multi-day run of 2022.

As you read this, Tulum and the LF2SF Crew will be on our first multi-night run of 2022, heading south once again as weather allows as we continue down the coast to eventually leave Mexico, go through Central American and get to Panama.  We continue to live and sail as we always have…careful to watch weather, careful with our Covid-19 protocols and within our own personal limits.  As I write this, Tulum has been off a dock for more than 30 days straight and we’ve been living well.  We have had to run the generator at least twice in those 30 days, we’ve made water too, but mainly we’ve lived off our solar energy…using the sun to power our house battery bank, our portable lithium battery and our solar oven.  We LOVE the simple life of self sufficiency, trying not to rely too heavily on others.  But we have bought garifones of water a couple times when the harbors we’re in don’t look good enough to make water (Zihua and Acapulco) and we also had to say goodbye to our 12ft Avon RIB (it was leaking water into the dinghy badly and unfixable- story for another time).   I’m back to writing and look forward to continuing to document and write about the trip as we continue.

Here’s Tulum on the way down the Mexican Mainland, flying our Asymmetric- THANKS to Jamie Gifford and ZOOM Sails for the great work…they made all the sails and the stakpaks in the picture. 

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  1. Your boat looks amazing! Still following you! Hi to Michelle! We too are traveling! Steve walked the 500 mile Camino Frances (i took taxi! Steve walks too fast for me). Over 35 days walking. Stayed in amazing accommodations along the way (rural hotels, monasteries, regular hotels, farm houses etc). Another Camino planned in April. Camino Portuguese! Mary Medina

  2. Mary – That sounds amazing! What an adventure and such beautiful country I’m sure. You may be tempting us for our next adventure! Thank you for the personal note – it means a lot to hear from you.

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