A new species of dragon from the mind of Karalaral (aka a boat kid who reads a lot).

Alrighty peeps! Because a very special friend of mine requested it in the comments (you know who you are (^U^)), I have decided to make ANOTHER post about creating your own dragon tribe (from Wings of Fire...of course)! Spoiler alert though I haven’t really thought this one through exactly like I did with the Stormwings, so I’m kind of just… doing it as I go along (optimistic me: this is gonna be GREAT. Pessimist me: we are going to die x.x). ANYWAYS here we go!!

So, the tribe that I’m thinking of isn’t exactly a tribe… it’s more like an offshoot from the Seawings (yess I know that the Stormwings were also once Seawings but just let me talk pleassse). Aight, think of a long, graceful body of a… for lack of better explanation, Skywing. Then chop off the wings, smooth the scales over so that it looks like this dragon naturally evolved to not have wings, and then take away the back legs and the tail and replace the entire back half so it looks like the long, flowing butt fins of a betta fish. Then, color the dragon like a betta fish (aka any color but super shiny ), and add one whisker on each side (like a catfish) of the mouth, add fins to the elbows of the arms for better swimming and fins on the insides of the talons, make it so that they can’t really survive that long without water in their gills (oh yeah they have those), and give them bioluminescent scales (like the Seawings), and BOOM! You have a dragon tribe perfectly suited to living underwater: bioluminescent scales for easy communication, check. Long, billowing tale and elbow fins to allow for easy maneuverability, grace, and speed underwater, check. Barbs on the mouth allowing for echo location to find a way through muddy, sandy, or just dark water, check. No wings because you don’t need wings underwater, check. Gills specially evolved for filtering sand and water to get oxygen, check. Everything you need to live comfortably underwater. And they can live (and do) anywhere that’s underwater: the deepest trenches, the shallowest coral reefs, rivers, etc.

Anywho this was just a basic kind of outline for my idea of a tribe more suited to living underwater than Seawings. I hope you liked it! Karalaral out 😀

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PS:  Happy Birthday (today) to the new 10-year old on the boat!


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