I try to let food cook on the Egg without checking it too much, so the burgers will cook until I flip them once.  

Cooking a great burger on the Big Green Egg isn’t that hard, but I must do a bit of prep to do it right.  Here’s how we make a great custom burger:

Prep is key to me for great cooking on the Big Green Egg.  I do my prep before I heat the BGE, mixing the hamburger meat together quickly then adding finely chopped onion and cilantro to the mix.  I don’t add spices at this point because I believe in putting them on the burgers while they cook.  After meat prep and making the patties I leave them on a cookie sheet while I get the Big Green Egg fired up.

Firing the Big Green Egg up and getting it to a temperature of 300′ to 350′ usually takes about 20 minutes here on the boat, often depending on the quality of charcoal I’m using at any one time.*  Once heated, the HelmMistress insists I toast the buns and then the burgers go on.

Just threw the burgers on, obviously it’s dark as I’ve started cooking them later than usual.

I try to let food cook on the Egg without checking it too much, so the burgers will cook until I flip them once.  When I open the Egg to flip the burgers, I season them with garlic, salt and pepper.  Once flipped, I give that next side about 6 minutes then get some cheese on the meat to melt.  But with the high temperatures I can achieve on the Big Green Egg, I have to be careful NOT to cook the burgers for too long, it’s easier to do than it looks, especially if I have flareups due to the fat melting off.  Once done, it’s time to eat-

Cheeseburgers and buns in paradise, thanks to the Big Green Egg.

Cooking on the Big Green Egg is easy, but getting quality charcoal isn’t always easy out here.  I’m surprised that more folks on boats don’t have Big Green Eggs but I admit there might be some barriers for use: they are a challenge to properly mount on a boat, you have to keep real charcoal onboard and you create flames to get the Egg going.  Despite these barriers, I LOVE cooking on the Big Green Egg.  And, I finally found another sailboat with a BGE onboard, they love cooking on it as well.  Have a great day-

Got questions about cooking on a Big Green Egg?  I have had two different size Big Green Eggs…a Large and a Small and have been cooking on them since 2013.  I’d love to answer any questions you have- 

*If you know anyone at Big Green Egg Headquarters in Atlanta who might want to send us some great charcoal, we’ll take it!

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