We had our kitty, Oreo for only 2 weeks before we set sail on a 2 day crossing of the dreaded Gulf of Tehuantepec.  Then we let her lick her wounds, gave her some kitty vacay time onshore, and set off again on a 3 day trek to the Gulf of Fonseca, encountering the beginnings of the Papagayo wind.  We had one last test for our sailor kitty through the Gulf of Papagayo wind into Costa Rica.  Through it all she’s proven herself a seaworthy kitty.  She rolled with the punches (and I do mean rolled), spent a lot of time sleeping off some initial sea sickness, and has figured out where she is most comfortable onboard during uncomfortable passages.  Sure we could’ve just eased her into sailing with some quaint little day sails, but we tend to just sling-shot into things so why should this be any different?!  Here is a visual portrayal of the evolution of the sea kitty.

Tehuantepec – SAVE YOURSELVES!
Gulf of Fonseca – This is NOT what I signed up for!  What happened to bird watching at the marina?
Papagayo – Stick a fork in me, I’m done! Why couldn’t I have scored a catamaran instead of this rolly monohull?  And the life jacket???
Last passage – I think we can conclude that she’s fully adapted to life at sea
Finally stopped in Costa Rica and shakin’ my little toosh on the catwalk!

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