Content, Content, Content.

Blogs, Bloggers and Websites live and die by solid content.  We’re in our 9th year and I’m still working on the content part because I like to go do things just as much as I like to write about doing them.

We’ve been in one place (a marina) for nearly two weeks now because we had good friends come in and we got to go play TOURIST for a few days.  Yep, that means we went to a national park (LOTS of animals), we got to laze around a pool for a few days, actually go to a beach without a dinghy and we even got to go on the longest zipline in Costa Rica.  Don’t worry, we have some great photos and recommendations in our upcoming blog posts but we just could not get some better content out today…..cause it’s time to move and we’re doing just that.

Yes dear readers…Tulum is on the move south again.  Eventually we’ll actually turn another direction (in Panama) and go east for a bit.

But today we’re out and I wasn’t able to get other content on here, although I probably have more than a year’s worth of half written backed up stories that I just have not finished.  Hope you all stick with us.  Wanna support our travel and writing habit?  Check out our Patreon page and you can do just that!

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