Ok so basically there’s a WHOLE OTHER GAME (Subnautica: Below Zero) and while the first one will always have a special place in my heart and will remain a classic, I’ve just got to marvel at what a masterpiece S:BZ (Subnautica: Below Zero) is.

OKAY PEOPLE. I’ve decided to make another Subnautica video (TREMBLE IN TERROR), partly because its early morning and I’m feeling crazy, partly because I’m listening to Wii shop music on repeat for 10 hours (my brain already feels scrambled from two minutes), and anyways no one likes introductions so LET’S GO!

Ok so basically there’s a WHOLE OTHER GAME (Subnautica: Below Zero) and while the first one will always have a special place in my heart and will remain a classic, I’ve just got to marvel at what a masterpiece S:BZ (Subnautica: Below Zero) is. Where I spent literally a total of TWO DAYS (cumulating in the hours I played; it took much longer) on the first game, often spending WEEKS where I didn’t play because I had no idea what to do next, Below Zero was much different in the way that I spent a total of ONE day finishing it. the only time I was ever confused on what to do next in BZ was finding Marguerite’s greenhouse (okay, and the Fabricator base, but other than that it was easy!).

Another thing I really loved were the new mechanics. The cyclopes died so that the sea truck could become a thing (RIP cyclopes u will be remembered ), but we still have the Prawn suit! That’s what matters to me… (not really I’m still crying over the cyclopes but at least we have music now, even though most of the tracks are really bad earworms… I STILL have Deep Dive stuck in my head XD). I think my favorite thing, though, was the crossovers from the first game. For example, Marguerite, a character that you only know about in the first game because of abandoned PDAs that have voice recordings on them, she SURVIVED. SHE KILLED A REAPER LEVIATHAN. SHE CROSSED A WHOLE OCEAN PLANET. THEN SHE SURVIVED IN THE NORTH POLE EQUIVALENT OF 4546B. ALL WHILE LOOKING AWESOME, AND WHILE EVADING ALTERRA! Seriously guys we need to get her a medal… another crossover from the two games that I discovered my second time around was that you can find spoilers about Al-An in the first game! I decided to park my base over next to a mushroom tree biome because it was near an entrance to the lost river, and I soon realized that on my right was the entrance to the lost river, guarded by a ghost leviathan, and to my left were the Reaper Leviathans of the dunes, something which I quickly realized was probably not the best idea, but ya know what, I had already built my base, and I wasn’t keen to change locations again, so I went with it.

Something odd that I noticed, once I had upgraded the scanner room to full, was that near my base (in the dunes of course) was this huge dip in the ground, like a meteor had fallen and created this huge crater. Being the stupid player I am, I went to investigate. Fast forward, I have a near-death experience with a reaper leviathan, discover that the crater has absolutely nothing of interest, almost turn back, then see one of those lights that means that you’re near an architect base/data point, go in this little tunnel, grab the data download and the ion cubes, then book it back to my base… all with one, single tank of air. A big one I give you, but you know how long those last. Then, as I’m almost regretting going there, I look at the data download, and I realize that this is a description of AL-AN’s life. In the first game (I’m on my second go at Subnautica 1, so I’ve already played and completed Below Zero), too.

Alright I’ve blabbered enough, you guys wanna hear the lore for SBZ, don’t you? If you don’t I honestly don’t care, I’m gonna tell you anyway :] okay so basically, your avatar is Robin Ayou, a Xenobiologist, and you’re on 4546B because your sister, Samantha Ayou, was a part of a research team sent to 4546B to research the North Pole of the planet, but she died of mysterious causes, and you don’t believe Alterra, the company your sister was working for, who says that she died because of “her own negligence”. It’s cold, desolate, and as you find out through PDA voice recordings and digital messages, your sister finds out that there is something a little bit more sinister happening than just a planet investigation. In a cave north of the base where your sister used to work, a gigantic leviathan, frozen in the ice is being researched. It’s being researched because it’s one of the only specimens with a live kharra bacterium sample, the very same disease you saved that planet from in the first game. what’s being kept hushed up is the fact that, while the leviathan itself is quite dead, the Kharra bacterium inside it is quite alive, feeding on the dead cells.

Alterra, being the corporate scumbags they are, plan on using the bacterium in a biological warfare, as a weapon of mass destruction, a leash to keep on other trans-governments in negotiations. If released, the bacterium would overwhelm the galaxy, killing any living thing within weeks. Alterra thinks they can control it, but what they don’t understand is that a much more advanced species, the Architects, could barely contain it themselves, and they are presumed to be wiped out by the bacterium because of this. Sam, your sister, finds out this, and stashes a cure to be injected later at one of the caves in secret. At this point, it’s time to start telling another story to clear some stuff up. I’m just gonna assume that you’ve read the Degasi sea base recordings from the first game, so lemme tell you what happens from there: Marguerite kills the reaper, the body floats to the surface, and she survives on it for three weeks. She’s too far out to go back to the crater, so she just lets the current take her. Soon, she spots land, she swims to shore, etc. fast forward she has a base, a prawn suit, all the good stuff. At this point, she meets Sam. Sam tells her about the frozen leviathan and the Kharra bacterium, and marguerite volunteers some heavy explosives to seal off the cave, then says that she’ll explode one of the other bases as well herself. They get to work, etc., but something happens, and the bomb goes off with Sam in the cave, before she was able to inject the antidote. She sustains a heavy fall, and this is presumably how she dies. After finding out all this, it is up to you to find the antidote, inject it, and along the way save an alien, then help him get a body (he only has a consciousness when you meet him), then reconstruct his ship and go to the planet that he lives on.

Anyways hope you enjoyed, cya next week! Karalaral, out.

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