A Rainforest hike in Refugio Nacional de Fauna Silvestre Golfito, Costa Rica written by a boat kid.

Hello everyone! My name is Kellyn, and you probably don’t know me because I don’t do very many blog posts if any.  I am in some of the videos we put on YouTube so you might know me. Moving on with the story, it all started one morning when mom was hyped to go to this sanctuary to go on a hike. We had planned to go in the morning but then we had to take the dog to the vet because of some joint stuff.  When we got back we thought (the kiddos) that we could wait until afternoon or even tomorrow, but nooooope we went right after; and don’t get me wrong it was a great hike (details later) but mom! Hello, we are human beings! *ahem* Anyways, we got in a taxi to the nature preserve, got checked in, and got a map.  Then we set off on our adventure! (imagine adventure echoing and Indiana Jones music playing in the background).

Before we could, a Cherenga walked in front of us, and we got some photos.  About two minutes from the nature preserve buildings on the path was a little ravine which I totally wanted to do a Tarzan over on one of the vines, but mom said no.  We crossed the ravine with no difficulty except on the first try I slipped on my bum.

The Rivine

Now you must be wondering, “Wait wait wait. You said first try right? So how many times did you do the trail?” that my friend, I am answering. After the ravine there were three trails we could take left, right, or forward. Teagan suggested the left because of the sound of water, but I suggested right because there was a sign that said Sendero and before that, the trail we got on was called Sendero.  Now writing this, I realized sendero is Spanish for trail and now I’m face palming myself 🤦🏼‍♀️. We took the sendero and ended up back at the (the tension is overwhelming) main buildings.

Take-2 on the hike, we took the way that Tt suggested and came across a river.  We crossed it, but I thought I saw either a (lemme just spin this wheel here…) leech, a lizard, or a snake. Because there was something in the water and I was like “What is that” so I did the one thing I knew to do, poke it with a stick!  It was…a rock.☹️  We continued after the rock incident and right when I stepped down, I saw a very tiny brown frog! We took some pictures, and he was so cute! Try and spot him if you can.

The Frog

(If you need a hint he’s in the middle and some of his head is in the shade) We then crossed at least three more rivers until we got to a little shed where we took a break and then got to the highlight of the hike, the majestic waterfall!

The sound of the waterfall was deafening and amazing at the same time. It splashed us but it was still fun, and we got some optical illusions in! (although it’s not really one but it is still funny ok!)

In the end the hike was awesome, and I saved the funniest part for last. We then left and took a different path than the original and when we arrived we ended up at the same trail from before, but in ½ the time! But yes, it was a lot of fun in the end and the best part? We got vanilla ice cream topped with caramel and chocolate!

The end. Wanna buy us more ice cream?  Check out our Patreon Site

This hike was in the majestic Refugio Nacional de Fauna Silvestre Golfito, that we checked out while in Golfito, Costa Rica.  The article above was written by my youngest daughter as part of a school project and then she adapted the article to become part of our Friday Kids Corner articles.  By the time you read this, we’ll hopefully be underway to Panama, weather permitting.  These Friday articles are entirely written by kids, published on our site as a creative outlet for our kids no matter what they choose to write about.

Our entire website, blog, pictures and content are done by us on a cruising sailboat while we cruise south full time.

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  1. Another great read. I appreciate all your writings. I bet you parents are super proud of their writing skills. Miss ya but enjoying the electronic connection. Be safe.

  2. kK so good to hear from u. Your sense of humor shows through. We laughed a lot. Waterfall drink is super. Hope to hear more. Gramps and grandma

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