Aright guys, because we have Wi-Fi again and I have nothing better to do, let’s talk a little bit more about video games, specifically Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! I have a couple of the other Zelda games (Skyward Sword, Link’s Awakening), but by far, BotW (Breath of the Wild) must be my favorite of all time, not just because of the amazing mechanics or the immersive main story, but rather, the detail. BotW is an open-world game, which means you can move around and go pretty much anywhere you want, and the world of Hyrule is huge: from the lava lakes of Eldin to the soaring waterfalls of Zora’s domain to the sloping sand dunes of the Gerudo desert, everything was handcrafted, with each detail being worked to perfection. Not only that, but what I also love is the freedom the game gives you, not just with the open world but also with the story quest: you can do the story quest… or not. You could instead choose to go explore this mountain, or fight those monsters, or catch that horse and go ride it into the horizon: my point is, there’s no right or wrong way to play the game. Everything, from the clothes you wear to the weapons you fight with, are your choice. Want to go hunting for some deer? Grab a hunting bow. Want to do some long-range archery? Switch out the hunting bow for one suited towards more longer distances, like the Gerudo bow. All the choices are yours to make, to the point where you can customize the game quite efficiently. Heck, don’t like the color of your clothes? Go to the Dye shop in Hateno village, and for a fee and the correct ingredients, you can color your clothes white, or blue, or black, or any color you want. Want your own house where you can settle down, hang up your weapons, and chill for a bit after a long quest? The possibilities are endless, and every game that you play will be different, I guarantee it. When you play, you will probably discover more secrets of the game the second time around than the first, and even more-so the third time. Take it from a person who’s played to the point where I could probably tell you whatever you need to know to complete the game: Need some herbs? Try Satori mountain, or one of the fairy fountains. Need a diamond circlet, and fast, but you don’t have any diamonds? Check out the Riddles of Hyrule, a quest you can get if you talk to Waldon, a korok on top of the Great Deku Tree, whereupon if you answer all five of his riddles (which are relatively easy), he will gift you with a diamond (easy peasy). Need a bunch of Gerudo weapons but don’t know where to find them? To the northwest of Gerudo tower there is a large stone outcropping next to the cliff. If you investigate a little bit, you will find a doorway in the outcropping blocked by large stones. Using bombs, stasis, or really any means necessary, move the stones enough to get past them into the hollowed out cave inside of the outcropping, and several Gerudo weapons, an Edge of Duality, and some treasure will await.

Anyways, long story short, my point is: play Breath of the Wild. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Kids Corner is written by two kids living on a cruising sailboat full time…currently in Panama.  We have not published lately because we were…out cruising.  But we’ve also been on the dock for a few days, but we were focused on some boat work that needed doing as we prep for the transit of the big ditch, the Panama Canal.  We’re now about a week out from that epic crossing and looking forward to it.  

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