Quincy the Great Dane got a lot more than she bargained for when we brought her back to the boat 4-5 days ago...as it rains every day here, sometimes for hours and there's little room for her to lay down...as there's an engine in the middle of her salon. Life's rough for a Great Dane on a boat.

Quincy Dane is an 8-year old pure bred Great Dane who lives on a cruising sailboat (currently in Panama) with our growing kitty.  She’s just back a month long stay at a kennel in Panama City and she got more than she bargained for upon her return. 

If you can’t tell from her face, Quincy Dane LOVES car rides. Here’s her smily face as she rides back across Panama with us after a month in a Panama City Kennel.

After one of our roughest passages (ever) to the first marina on the pacific side of Panama and knowing we would need to get through the Panama Canal and then haul out very shortly afterwards, we made the decision to put Quincy Dane into a highly recommended kennel in Panama City.  As life would have it, she stayed there Quincy Dane came home from the kennel but things were not as she left them nor as comfy.  First, the kitty is still here.  But second, there’s this thing in the middle of the salon that doesn’t seem to move and Quincy + the family have a very tough time getting between it and the mast.  Hmmmm- 

Kitty is still here, in her favorite spot on top of the mizzen mast under the rain tarp, where she can see everything but sleep through all of it.
There it is, under the black cloth. Our 120HP Ford Lehman, out of the engine room. Problem is that we have no ladder (see it, taking up the couch) and the engine takes up all of Quincy Dane’s sleeping room in the salon. 

The bigger problem for Quincy Dane is that she came back to the boat on the Caribbean side of the Canal, where it has rained nearly every day…sometimes several times per day.  And when I say rain…I mean rain so hard you can’t see the boats behind you in the marina kind of rain.  This kind of rain gets through our three large (good quality) tarps and makes most of Quincy’s various sleeping spots wet.  Her princess couch on the bow and her double mattress couch in our second cockpit both get soaked, so her only real option is the cushioned spot in the cockpit but it’s dry most of the time.  She will love it when she gets her salon spot back, but she needs to wait on the engine to go back in first.  

Quincy in her dry cockpit spot….while it rains and rains outside.

I know she misses all of her dog friends, but she’ll see them again before we leave Panama the final time. 

Here’s last week’s post with some pics of Quincy at her kennel: Quincy’s Corner: Vacation’s over Quincy!

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  1. Lucky all of u. Beautiful background to outside pics when dry. Glad the Quincy is home again home again. Wish Oreo could verbalize. Maybe not.

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