Great Dane in the Panama Jungle....with a few cat pics too.

Quincy is back at it again – stirring up the neighborhoods across Central America.  This time, it’s at Shelter Bay Marina.  She’s made lots of friends now that she’s back on the boat – both 2 legged and 4 legged varietals.  I love that she’s back because it keeps me in a good a.m. routine.  This big girl needs a long walk in the early morning while it’s still relatively cool which is a great way to start the day.

The tropical forest trail here in Shelter Bay provides great sights, smells, and sounds for Quincy’s morning walk.  She’s spotted her first agouti (see photo) here although in her mind, it’s probably just another small dog who runs away from her.  The monkeys still come out to peer at the large pony on a leash cruising through their territory, but they’re so high up in the trees, she can’t possibly be bothered to cringe her neck back that far to catch a glimpse!  This forest is an acoustic amphitheater, full of life at all hours.  Howler monkeys bellow especially when the rain starts up, cicadas hum in unison, countless birds all sing unique melodies, and the tree branches crack and rustle from who knows what…..(pretty sure it’s monkeys or perhaps velociraptors – who knows).  At night the frogs dominate with their extraordinary chorus and watch where you step!  They’re not hard to spot jumping around the grass.

Did someone say tamales???

We usually return from our morning romp to find Oreo waiting patiently on deck peering down at the fish swimming around the dock.  Sometimes though, she’s already out wandering the finger of the dock before we catch her, prompting the guilty party to jump back onboard.  Regardless, both animals are settling into their new surroundings as they always do, and I think they’re happy to be around each other again.

With little real estate in the salon due to the ongoing engine project, the galley is now the prime napping territory (photo taken just before Quincy stepped backwards onto a slumbering Oreo -YEEEOOOWWWW!). Better move, big girl coming through!

When we got our large genius (Great Dane) back onboard from the kennel we thought life would return to some  kind of normal, but the engine in the middle of the salon precludes that for the moment.  We live on a cruising sailboat with her (Great Dane) and her (kitty) along with two kids.  We’re currently taking a maintenance time-out in Panama while we do 5-year upgrades and improvements to the boat, contemplating what life may bring us next.  

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