We think it's a good balance to get Kitty and Great Dane OFF the boat every so often to let them run and play with their own kind, in a supervised safe environment. This is exactly what we have found for both Kitty and Great Dane....with both the kittery and the kennel run by the same company.

When we had a chance to get both Kitty and Great Dane off the boat into a large, safe and supervised environment while we went for some land travel, we gladly allowed our animals to get some me-time.  Yup, we’ve taken off for some land travel but wanted to put our animals in the same safe and open kennel environments that we found in Mexico…so we found the same level of care in Panama City.  The folks who own the kennel also own a kittery which doubles as their office space, and their business is professional international pet shipping.  We’re thrilled with Quincy and Oreo getting some down time in safe environments, so we were happy to leave them and we’ll be thankful to get them back when our land travel adventures are complete.

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