Hmmm, how to convince you that we've had some really rad halloween pics of the Great Dane and Kitty, but because of our limited internet (at a marina) we can't download the pics.  Read on!

Happy Halloween from Tulum-5 and the LF2SF crew, coming at you from Panama.  I had a bunch of cool pics of Halloween Great Dane and Kitty too, but the interweb won’t let me download them and I just gave up.

But I’m more than happy to write you this quicky post to make sure you know we didn’t forget and we’re gonna be out….trick or treating in Panama.  We stay in the marina for trick or treat, but we’re out doing it in the tropics- which is fun in itself.  What are you doing for the spooky season or are you celebrating All Saints Day or Dia de Los Muertos?  We loved the celebrations surrounding Dia de Los Muertos while we lived in Mexico and look forward to a spooktacular night of fun here.

We’ve just returned from a short trip back to the US to continue work on Tulum.  In just a few short months we’ve done a tremendous amount of work on her and it’s really cool to come back and see her sparkle.  I’ve been on four (4) different sailboats in the last few days and really gained an appreciation for all the headroom we have in our main salon and our huge cockpit + our second “owners” cockpit directly off our private stern stateroom.  Few sailboats combine these nice features.  

Here’s a few of our other halloween spooktacular stories:

Happy Halloween and Día de Los Muertos From The LF2SF Crew 

Happy Halloween from the LF2SF Crew

Happy Halloween

*Tulum-5 is for sale for a great (fair) price with a crap-ton of great equipment.  Wanna snap her up? – check out this link:  Aleutian-51 for sale

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