Our Great Dane and Sailing Kitty live on our cruising sailboat, full time. As we thought about their typical day, we decided they didn't have such a bad life and decided to show you a few snippets of that life-
First thing in the morning Quincy Dane needs her walk. I mean….really early in the morning, around first light. She will let us know if we oversleep by peering into our room through the stern doors or by sitting in the back cockpit giving us low growls.  As soon as she senses movement, she becomes more animated, definitely letting us know she needs to go.

After breakfast, both dog and cat decide it’s nap time. Sometimes that’s forced by the rain, high heat or lots of sunlight, but mostly it’s just nap time.  Like,,,,for most of the day sometimes.
In the afternoon, both Great Dane and Kitty decide it’s time to be awake. Afternoon time is security guard time….which one looks more menacing?

Great Dane and Kitty have developed a bit of a routine as we continue our time here in Shelter Bay Marina, focused on updates and upgrades to the boat.  All in all, I think they have a pretty darn good life.

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